6 Indispensable Free & Freemium SEO Tools

When you are working on search engine optimization for your own business or for a client’s website, you will need some great SEO tools. If you have the budget, you can certainly pay for the best SEO tools the Internet has to offer, but if you don’t, then free and freemium tools are the alternative.

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Divided We Stand

Our polarized Congress is starting to look more and more like a parliament at odds with the nation’s constitutional system.

Congress Is A Mess

A Great Way to Kill Your Startup: Listen to All Your Customers

Building a successful business model isn’t about changing your company based on every bit of feedback: It’s about understanding whom to listen to and why.

To listen or not to listen

Mobile Sites vs. Apps: Strategy Shift

Mobile apps currently have better usability than mobile sites, but forthcoming changes will eventually make a mobile site the superior strategy.

Should you produce a mobile website or develop special mobile apps?

17 ways to discover your brand advocates

Having a brand advocate strategy is invaluable. But finding brand advocates can be tricky and there’s a lack of resources out there to teach you how to reach out to your advocates, so I’ve created my own list of ideas.

17 ways to discover your brand advocates

How does your brand perform from social media perspective?


The Management Team While Building Product: Keep It Small

Another valuable post by Fred Wilson:

The first stage of a startup, what I call the Building Product stage is management light. The team should be small. We have portfolio companies like del.icio.us and duck duck go where the Building Product stage was accomplished by one person, the founder of course. That is not typical.